Staff Directory

Pre-K Teacher
Mitza Molina
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Kindergarten Teacher
Robin Abbott
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Kindergarten Teacher
Madison Leinberger
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1st Grade Teacher
Karma DeAnda
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1st Grade Teacher
Katherine Castro Hernandez
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2nd Grade Teacher
Margaret Gallego
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2nd Grade Teacher
Cinthia Brody
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3rd Grade Teacher
Alessandra Campos
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3rd Grade Teacher
Tara Weisnicht
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4th Grade Teacher
Artesia Ulrich-Runge
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5th Grade Teacher
Carrie Moline
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5th Grade Teacher
Therese McDonald
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Primary CC Teacher
Darlyne Spina
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Intermediate CC Teacher
Mary Omambac
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STEM and RTI Teacher
Mitch Taylor
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RTI and PE Teacher
Mel Jorgenson
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Sheila Marquez
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Response To Intervention
Therese McDonald
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Reading Recovery
Marissa Ballesteros
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ELD Teacher
Onofre Escobar
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Resource Teacher
Margaret Queathem
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Laurie Davis
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Judy Bevier
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GATE Teacher
Pamela Brown
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OMA – Music and Band
Dominic Livigni
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OMA - Orchestra
Holly Schurr
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Shawn Blair Lohn
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School Office
Office Manager
Kathy Schroeder
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Attendance Clerk
Stephanie Carillo
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Travis Spillers
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Community Liaison
Caitlyn Sanders
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Librarian Assistant
Suzette Mejia
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Nell Haynes
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Health Asst.
Kellee Hensel
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Michael Robles
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Aimee Robles
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Food Service Site Lead
Dulce Isiordia
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Food Service Site Supervisor
Lacey DeMent
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Teaching Assistant 
Vicky Duarte
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Teaching Assistant 
Emma Hogan
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Teaching Assistant 
Leslie LaMadrid
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Teaching Assistant 
Rina Tapia
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Teaching Assistant 
Jeilin Duarte
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Teaching Assistant 
Arlene Robles
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School Monitor
Marie-Louise Randle
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School Monitor
Olivia Gallardo
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